Composite Bonding

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West Charlotte Dental is excited to offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services, including composite bonding, to correct tooth imperfections and deliver virtually flawless smiles. The hassle-free, conservative procedure will instantly improve the appearance of your teeth with incredibly natural results!

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite or cosmetic bonding involves adding a tooth-colored composite resin material to your teeth to mask flaws and perfect their appearance. The procedure is absolutely pain-free and requires no anesthesia. Best of all, there’s no drilling, so there’s no alteration to the tooth’s natural structure.

What Are the Uses of Composite Bonding?

Dr. Smigiel may recommend dental bonding for the following purposes:

  • To close small gaps and uneven spaces between front teeth
  • To correct minor tooth misalignment
  • To repair teeth chips or cracks
  • To treat decayed teeth
  • To cover exposed tooth roots
  • To restore the length and health of worn teeth
  • To whiten stained or discolored teeth when traditional teeth whitening treatments don’t work
  • To improve the appearance of misshapen teeth
  • To enhance the size, shape, color, and appearance of not-so-perfect teeth

What Are the Benefits of Composite Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is typically a quick and easy procedure that instantly delivers perfect smiles. It doesn’t require the removal of any tooth structure, making it a conservative cosmetic solution compared to other restorative options, such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers. With proper care, your bonded teeth will enhance your smile for many years to come!

What Is the Composite Bonding Procedure?

After carefully selecting the best shade to match the color of your teeth, Dr. Smigiel will roughen your tooth surfaces and apply a conditioning fluid to ensure the material bonds. Next, he will place the composite material directly onto the natural tooth surfaces and sculpt it to resemble your natural teeth. A curing light will help the material harden and bond to your tooth surfaces.

The last step is trimming, shaping, and polishing your restorations to match the sheen and gloss of the neighboring teeth. The procedure will leave you with perfect teeth and a stunning smile.

How Should You Care for Bonded Teeth?

Caring for bonded teeth is no different from caring for your natural teeth. Make sure to brush and floss regularly to maintain your bright and healthy smile. Avoid biting down on hard foods or using your teeth as tools so you don’t chip or damage your bonding material or your natural tooth enamel. It’s also important to visit West Charlotte Dental for your routine dental exams and cleanings every six months so we can address any issues as they arise.

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Visit West Charlotte Dental to discover how you can enhance your smile and oral health with composite bonding. Dr. Smigiel and his team are committed to delivering high-quality, durable restorations to have you in a smile you love! Call our Charlotte, NC office to schedule an appointment today!

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