Root Canal Therapy

In Charlotte, NC 

Root Canal Therapy in Charlotte, NC

At West Charlotte Dental, we understand that many of our patients dread hearing they need root canal therapy. Despite what you may have heard, this endodontic procedure saves damaged teeth and alleviates pain rather than causing it. Dr. Smigiel’s gentle approach and cutting-edge techniques will ensure your visit is comfortable and free of stress!

Why Would You Require Root Canal Therapy?

Every tooth has a crown and roots. The crown is the part you see above the gum line, while the roots lie below it and anchor the tooth to the jawbone. Inside the crown and the root of the tooth is the pulp, which contains connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that can save a tooth when the tooth pulp becomes damaged due to deep decay, large fillings, cracks, trauma, or repeated dental procedures.

What Are Symptoms of Tooth Pulp Damage?

Symptoms of tooth pulp infection or inflammation requiring root canal therapy include the following:

In some cases, an infected tooth may not show any symptoms, with the damage only detected during routine dental exams.

What Happens If You Don’t Get a Needed Root Canal Treatment?

A tooth with root pulp damage cannot heal on its own. Without treatment, the infection will progress, wreaking havoc on your oral health. It may result in severe pain or swelling, an abscess, or bone loss around the tooth roots. Moreover, the infection can enter the bloodstream and spread to other areas of the body, causing health complications.

The only alternative to having a root canal procedure is extracting the damaged tooth. That often translates to the need for tooth replacements, such as dental implants or bridges. Root canal therapy allows you to maintain functional teeth and confident smiles. With proper care, the treated tooth can last a lifetime!

What Is the Root Canal Therapy Process?

We will start by examining the affected tooth and preparing the area for treatment. Numbing the area with local anesthesia will ensure you are comfortable throughout treatment.

The procedure involves making a small opening in the tooth’s crown to access the infected pulp, then cleaning the area. Once sterilized, we will fill the root canal with a biocompatible material known as gutta-percha, then we will seal the tooth to prevent reinfection.

What Happens After Your Root Canal Treatment?

After your root canal, we’ll need to place a crown on the tooth to restore its strength, function, and natural appearance. We will reshape the treated tooth then take impressions of the area to send to our laboratory for fabrication. We’ll place a temporary crown while you wait.

During an upcoming appointment, we’ll place your new crown, fully restoring the health and function of your treated tooth. At West Charlotte Dental, we offer ceramic crowns for superior results. You’ll be amazed at how natural your new crown looks and feels!

How We Help You Relax During Treatment

Dr. Smigiel is committed to providing comfortable, gentle care to our valued patients. His therapy dog, Stella, will help comfort you and take the edge of any dental procedure. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, make sure to let us know. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a positive experience.

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Visit West Charlotte Dental to discover how you can find relief from tooth pain caused by infected root canals. Our team is committed to ensuring you receive comfortable and effective care so we can have you smiling again! Call our Charlotte, NC office to schedule an appointment today!

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