General Dentist in Charlotte, NC

Looking for a General Dentist in Charlotte, NC

When you're searching online for a "dentist near me," it's important that you find the right one for your needs. Not only do you want one who offers the services you need, but you'll also want one that you can afford.

What Should You Look for in a General Dentist?

There are some specific things you should look for when you're searching for an office that provides general dentistry services. If you have dental insurance, you'll want to ensure that you find an in-network dental office. When you contact the office to ask questions and make an appointment, this is the first thing you'll want to inquire about.

The next factor you'll want to research is reviews. Read the reviews carefully, and see what other patients have been saying. Were the services professional? Were patients treated well?

If a patient has pointed out long wait times, you may want to look elsewhere. Is it worth your time to be sitting in the waiting room for an hour? You can either call the office to find out what the average wait times are, or you can look at reviews that mention wait times.

Reading the dentist's training and background is important, too. You want to pick someone who has a professional background in general dentistry and someone who has graduated from an accredited dental school. At West Charlotte Dental, our dentist Adam C. Smigiel, D.D.S., is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

What Services Does a General Dentist Offer?

An important detail to look for when searching for a "dentist near me" is what kind of services a general dentist offers. Some dentists offer more services than others, but you'll want the one you pick to adequately cover the basics.

At West Charlotte Dental, we offer the following general dentistry services:

  • X-rays: X-rays are important because they allow us to see what's going on with your teeth. We can see if you have cavities, shifted teeth, an abnormal bite, or any infections.
  • Cleaning: You'll need to schedule an appointment twice a year for cleanings. During your visits, Dr. Smigiel will not only remove tartar and plaque, but he will also visibly inspect your teeth to see if there are any additional problems the X-ray didn't catch, such as a gum infection.
  • Fillings: If you have cavities, Dr. Smigiel can provide fillings. You'll need to set up a follow-up appointment.
  • Dental implants: If you have lost a tooth due to an injury or decay, an implant may be a good option for you. A dental implant is a tooth root that will be inserted into your gums. Next, a connecting part is attached to the implant. This is called an abutment. And finally, a replacement tooth is attached to the abutment.
  • Dentures: At West Charlotte Dental, you can also get replacement teeth called dentures. We offer partial dentures or complete dentures.
  • Root canals: If your tooth has been infected, Dr. Smigiel will remove the bacteria in the tooth, clean it, fill it, and reseal it.

Searching online for a "dentist near me" can be a bit of a chore, but research is important if you want to find the right one for your needs. At West Charlotte Dental, our dentist, Adam C. Smigiel, D.D.S., offers general, cosmetic, preventative, and restorative dentistry. He also offers same-day and emergency care services. Need to find a general dentist? Contact us today if you'd like to find out more.