Endodontics in Charlotte, NC

Where to Find Endodontics in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for endodontics in the Charlotte, NC, area? If so, then you've come to the right place. Here at West Charlotte Dental, we know how finding the answer to the important question, "Where can I find a good endodontist near me?" can be perplexing. So, we're going to cut through some of the mystery about what the terminology means and what you can expect.

What Is Endodontics?

The terminology "endodontic" is derived from "endo," which means inside, and "odont" meaning tooth. Dental endodontics deals with the treatment and study of your dental pulp. At West Charlotte Dental, Dr. Adam Smigiel and his team will focus on the treatment of complex tooth problems primarily affecting the inside of the teeth. Dr. Adam Smigiel does this by using advanced techniques for properly treating the root tissues and dental pulp. Simply put, Dr. Adam Smigiel is an endodontist who specializes in saving teeth.

What Are Some Endodontic Procedures?

Endodontic procedures and treatments can include:

  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Traumatic dental injury treatment

Why Would You Need an Endodontist at West Charlotte Dental?

The most common reason why you might need to visit Dr. Smigiel at West Charlotte Dental is for inflammatory or bacterial infection of the pulp. A tooth injury is another common reason. In addition, Dr. Smigiel can restore your tooth to its socket after it has been knocked out or dislodged, stabilize it, and perform a root canal if necessary.

What if You Don't See an Endodontist Near Me?

If your tooth is damaged, you will either need a root canal or a tooth extraction. If you don't undergo either form of treatment, then the consequences could be quite severe. In fact, when left untreated, the resulting bacterial infection could spread to your jaw and then to your blood, brain, and the rest of your body. So, clearly, time is of the essence when it comes to receiving this crucial type of treatment.

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If you've been experiencing any level of tooth pain, have injured a tooth, or one or more of your teeth are feeling sensitive to hot or cold, you should make an appointment. And, if you've been asking that burning question, "Where can I find an endodontist near me?" the answer is quite simple. Just contact us at West Charlotte Dental today in Charlotte, NC for some more in-depth information and to make an endodontist appointment.